With this handy First Aid Kit, there will be no more hunting for the right screw, nut or amp fuse.  First Aid Kits contain common hardware for your AMX portable that is designed to save you time and money by reducing and eliminating downtime.  And, it comes organized and labeled in a handy container that is easily transported from place to place and can be stored quite easily.  It’s like carrying a metal briefcase.

M 3 X 6 Collimator Cover Screws
6/32 x 3/8 Side Panel Screws
4/40 x ¼ Drive Handle Cover Screws
10/32 X ¾ Corner Bumper Screws
46-268418P1 Pointer
46-219036P1 Collimator Bolts
46-303376G1 Collimator Handle Parts
4/40 X ¼ Side Panel Screws
10/32 Splash Guards, CPU mounts and column brake cover screws
10/32 X 1-1/4 Corner Bumper Screws
46-302409G1 Sensor Assembly
46-279306P1 Brake Enable Switch
46-136334P54 Drive Handle Micro Switch
06F8228 Q85/Q86 FETS
6/32 X 3/8 Top Cover Collar Screws
10/32 X 1 HV Cable Clamp Screws on Arm
1/4 X 20 ¾ Kickplate & Tube Yoke Screws
¼ X 20 X 3/8 HV Terminal Cover Screws
46-303652P1 Cap Key
46-270799P1 Light Switch
6/32 X ½ Terminal Block & Ground Stud Screws
10/32 X 7/8 HV Cable Clamp Screws on Column
Washers Bumper, Angle Brackets, etc.
46-221914P4 Battery Charge Indicator Lamp
Fuses 2, 6, 8, 10 & 15 (I Box Each)
46-303993G1 Key Switch