The AMX-4+ X-ray unit is a completely self contained self contained battery driven, mobile radiographic system which operates from a rechargeable battery pack. Mobility and ease of use make the AMX-4+ ideally suite for all intensive care units, emergency and operating rooms, pediatrics, neonatal units, orthopedics, and clinics.

AMX-4 Plus Unit Consists Of

• Control, Microprocessor

• High-Tension Transformer

• High-Voltage Cables

• Rotating Anode X-ray Tube

• Collimator

• Base and Cabinet

• Tube Stand

• Motor Drive

• Batteries

• Battery Charging System

• Operational and Diagnostic Software

Technical Control

• kVp: 50 to 76 in 2kVp steps

• 80 to 125 in 5kVp steps

• Tube Height In (transport look over): 131.8 cm (51.9 in.) kVp Range mAs 50-90 0.4-320 95-105 0.4-240 110-125 0.4-200 All in 25% increments, 20% decrements

• mA: 100 mA nominal

• Digital readouts, blue vacuum fluorescent.

• Top: 1.9 cm (3/4 in.) kVp and mAs.

• Message: 0.95 cm (3/8 in.) all message.

• Battery Status: 0.95 cm (3/8 in.) bar graph.

• Switches are dome-type push buttons under mylar cover.

• On/Off Two Position Switch: -Off/Remove Key -Off / -On

• The drive System and X-ray work only in ON position. Charger works in either position.

• Handswitch controls the rotor prep, exposure and remote field light.

• Audible Tone: X-ray On Generator

• Frequency: 1,000 Hz

• Voltage: 50 to 125 kVp

• Power: 12.5 kW nominal

• Cables: Vinyl covered, rated to 75 kVp each or 150 kVp for pair. Federal type connectors.

• Speed, Arm Out of Transport Position: 2.4 kph (1.5 mph). liquid” or film electrolyte technology classifies battery as dry. Cannot leak if punctured

• Pack: Nine 12-volt packs connected in series (108 V nominal). Runs both motor drive and X-ray from same pack.

• Unit is shipped with batteries fully charged.

Battery Charging System

• Automatic battery status sensing with programmed overcharging protocol for maximizing battery life.

• Charger cord provided with retraction into base. Hospital grade line plug fits standard wall receptacle.

• Maximum line draws 5 A, 110 V; 2.5 A, 220 V.

• Unit designed to be charged in any corridor or room space with normal ventilation. Unit should not be charged in closets, etc., or in areas using isolated power, e.g., surgery.

• Charger operates in any key switch position as charger mode has precedence over all other modes (transport exposure). The system can neither be moved, nor used for X-ray if it is recharging. Charger status displayed on message readout.

Mechanical Dimensions

• Overall Width (includes front bumper): 63.9 cm (25 in.).

• Width at Midpoint: 60.2 cm (23.8 in.).

• Overall Height: 193 cm (76 in.). decrease normal film optical density.

• Overall Length (includes handle): 114.8 cm (45.2 in.).

• Length, Base: 103.5 cm (40.8 in.).

• Length, Full Horizontal Arm Extension: 212.9 cm (83.8 in.).

Tube Positioning

• Maximum Focal Spot Height (standard): 201.2 cm (79.2 in.).

• Maximum Focal Spot Height (short): 186.2 cm (73.3 in.) • Minimum Focal Spot Height: 62.4 cm (24.6 in.).

• Vertical Travel: 138.4 cm (54.5 in.).

• Maximum Horizontal Extension: 107.6 cm (42.4 in.).

• Minimum Horizontal Extension: 67.0 cm (26.4 in.).

• Horizontal Travel: 40.6 cm (16.4 in.).


• Maximum Speed, Forward or Reverse: 4.8 kph (3.0 mph).

• Maximum Incline Degrees: 5o.

• Weight: 499 kg (1,100 lbs).

• Power 110V nominal5A maximum for recharging.

• 220V nominal 2.5A maximum for recharging.

• Weight: Shipping (with battery) 590 kg (1,300 lbs). Unit weight 499 kg (1,100 lbs).

Standard Listing

• Catalog Number(s): A0659F (A0659A, A0659D, A0659C)

Available Options

Mobil-AIDTM Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) A fully integrated automatic exposure control option is available with the AMX-4+. Mobil-AIDTM further simplifies use by automatically controlling radio- graphic exposures. This option includes:

• Power ON/OFF switch to activate or deactivate the Mobil-Aid circuitry.

• Film-Screen to select compensation for up to two film-screen combinations.

• Active Detectors control select one or two detector fields

• Grid compensation control to select proper compensation level for use of a grid with either film-screen choice.

Remote Control Handswitch

AMX-4+ is available with TechSwitch™ – a cordless handswitch option that enables even greater procedural flexibility and radiation protection to the Technologist. TechSwitch™ employs infrared technology to enable a 360o operating radius up to a distance of 10.9 m (36 ft.) from the base of the system. The remote handswitch option provides the following:

• Integrated rotor prepare and exposure control actuator.

• Collimator light ON.

• Loss/misplacement softtone that sounds if the handswitch is out of the holder for more than 3 minutes.

Digital Key Pad

• Restricts use to authorized users only

• User programmable 4 digit code

• Cost effective

• No more lost or broken keys

• Easy to use friendly interface

• Simple installation

UL/CSA Listings

• UL Listed

• CSA Listed

• GE Certified

• Specifications are subject to change with out notice.