Portable x-ray machines are one of the most predominantly used and misused machines in Imaging.  Due to the very nature of their environments, they can experience mechanical and electrical failures if problems are not recognized and corrected quickly.  Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to successfully troubleshoot and repair the most common problems encountered by these indispensable portables as well as perform preventive maintenance to ensure continual proper functionality.

GE AMX 4-Plus Technical Training Class

Prior to receiving a Certificate of Completion, participants will be able to evaluate and understand the following:

Assembly Designators
The five modes to the service switch
Major critical signals
Rotor Controls
Batteries, Charge and Capacity
Drive Motor Control
Overall system performance
Troubleshoot and repair mechanical and electronic problems of all components of the unit
Perform a complete and thorough preventive maintenance inspection
Follow circuit operations of system detail block diagrams
Evaluate error codes and take corrective actions
This comprehensive, five-day course provides hands on training dedicated to teaching participants to quickly recognize and correct problems.  A sizeable portion of the class is dedicated to theory and students will spend time disassembling and reassembling an AMX-4 Plus portable focusing on the Column, Collimator, Horizontal Arm, X-Ray Tube, Base and Electronic Package
Participants must have a working understanding of state-of-the art electronics, test equipment and a mechanical aptitude.  Previous experience with x-ray apparatus is required.

  Schedule and order of criteria is subject to change depending upon enrollment.  

  Five CEU Credit Equivalents earned upon completion of class.