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Rebuilt, not Refurbished

You made the right choice years ago when you chose the AMX portable x-ray system and though it may now be a little worse for the wear, you may be surprised by how much useful life it still has. Doesn’t it make sense to get all the value out of your AMX system that was built into it? Our purpose is to rebuild not refurbish GE AMX portable x-ray machines to extend the life of these units. We rebuild units from top to bottom, inside out and virtually everything in between proving that there is a world of difference between simply refurbishing and actually rebuilding your AMX unit. 


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Company Overview

We know that great things happen when you partner with your customers and solutions come from asking the right questions. AMX Solutions, Inc. came into existence as the result of years of intensive research with Directors of Radiology, Biomed, Clinical and Field Engineers. We asked what they saw as the ideal set of circumstances under which they could streamline work processes, reduce maintenance issues and eliminate downtime. The result of this research is a combination of services crafted into intelligent solutions to fulfill all your AMX requirements.

AMX Solutions, Inc. specializes in the GE AMX line of portable x-ray machines. When you specialize, you’ve got to be good at what you do! With 25 years experience in the field, we know this product. .. each model. .. we are the best in the industry and we stand 1 00% behind our work. When you purchase equipment from AMX, you’re not just buying a portable. You’re buying years of knowledge and experience built on quality, integrity and total customer satisfaction. Our specialty is rebuilding and upgrading the AMX 4 with all the features, functionality and reliability of the AMX 4 Plus. We are dedicated to helping engineers eliminate downtime. It is our belief that a unit should never be down for more than 24 hours and our purpose is providing solutions to meet that goal.

Our company was originally founded in Augusta, Georgia and is comprised of a well qualified staff with extensive experience working with GE AMX portable x-ray machines. Our staff of certified engineers and technicians is qualified in rebuilding units ranging from the CMX to the AMX 4 Plus.

Our 26,000 sq. ft. facility houses state of the art test equipment in individual assembly stations where the various AMX components and parts are built and prepared for installation and sale. We stock an extensive inventory of fully rebuilt portables as well as new, used and rebuilt OEM parts.

As you map out your budget strategies, consider how we can assist you with your requirements for portable x-ray machines. It will be the best decision you ever made when it comes to portables.