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AMX 4 Plus Items

Part NumberDescription
46-264984G11 KHZ Board *Exchange Item
46-264984G21 KHZ Board *Exchange Item
53500241KHZ Board *Exchange Item
46-288786G2Battery Charger Board *Exchange Item
5350026Battery Charger Board *Exchange Item
46-264974G6CPU Board *Exchange Item
46-264974G5CPU Board *Exchange Item
5350022CPU Board *Exchange Item
2345236-2Display Board *Exchange Item
46-232832G1Display Board *Exchange Item
46-268982G1Display Control Board *Exchange Item
46-264982G1Display Control Board *Exchange Item
2409241Display Control Board *Exchange Item
46-232834G1Drive Control Board *Exchange Item
5350018Drive Control Board *Exchange Item
46-232836G2Drive Power Amp Board *Exchange Item
5350028Drive Power Amp Board *Exchange Item
46-264986G1FIL/KVP Board *Exchange Item
46-264986G2FIL/KVP Board *Exchange Item
2318476Power Supply (LVLE)(2366118) *Exchange Item- GENERATOR ASSY.
46-232786G2Rotor Control Board *Exchange Item
5350020Rotor Control Board *Exchange Item
46-230318P1ZRAM – CPU Board
06F8228IRF 450 Fet – (FIL/KVP Board)
46-303626G4Top Cover 4+ (w/lid & labels)
46-303652P2Key Cap (4+) – TOP COVER
46-303993G1Key Switch (4/4+) – TOP COVER
46-315031P2Key Switch Label (4+) – TOP COVER
46-270615P2Collimator Assembly AMX4+ *Exchange Item
46-250207P22Collimator Cable (8 lead + ground)..
46-250207P32Actuator Bar (4+) – COLLIMATOR
46-250207P37Knob (Adjust) – COLLIMATOR
46-250207P37ILKnob (black & silver w/indicator line) – COLLIMATOR
46-250207P38Pointer Holder (Brass) – COLLIMATOR
46-250207P49Front Panel (4+) – COLLIMATOR
46-250207P49KFront Panel Kit (4+) – COLLIMATOR
46-250207P51Front Panel Label (4+) – COLLIMATOR
46-194361P1Field Light Lamp (24V/150W) – COLLIMATOR
46-136334P58Micro Switch (Collimator-Drive handle-Bumper)
46-279049P1Left Handle Cover (4+) – COLLIMATOR
46-279049P2Right Handle Cover (4+) – COLLIMATOR
46-279050P2Actuator Spring (4/4+) – COLLIMATOR
46-268418P1Pointer – COLLIMATOR
46-270799P1Field Light Switch – COLLIMATOR
46-303376G1Switch Kit (Brake Release) – COLLIMATOR
2170759Brush (Drive Motor) – BASE
2281608Drive Motor (AMX4/4+) – BASE
46-279297P1Drive Belt (motor) – BASE
46-286978P1Drive Wheel Mount Bracket – BASE
46-270828G1Brake (Motor) – BASE
AMXBATT 53425879 Battery Set 4/4+ (30Ah ea.- cabled & trayed w/battery test cable) by Interstate
2189428K1/K2 Relay Assembly *Exchange Item – GENERATOR ASSY.
2284035Upper Latch Assembly AMX4/4+ *Exchange Item
5316575Lower Latch Assembly AMX4/4+ *Exchange Item
2173060Park Latch Sensor – LOWER LATCH
46-270985P2Solenoid (110VDC 45W) – LOWER LATCH
2238275Front Cover (Rad 11) – TUBE
2238276Back Cover (Rad 11/Config 2) – TUBE
2238277Seam Cover – (Rad 11/Config 2) – TUBE
2241328End Cap Label (Orion) – TUBE
46-279006P1Back Cover (Rad 10) – TUBE
46-279018P1Front Cover (Rad 10) – TUBE
2273437Drive Handle Assembly AMX4+ *Exchange Item
46-270270P2Handle 4+ (blue/plastic) – DRIVE HANDLE
46-302275P2Enable Bar (4+) – DRIVE HANDLE
46-136334P58Micro Switch (Collimator-Drive handle-Bumper)
2273438Arm Assembly AMX4/4+ *Exchange Item
46-302237G1Brake – ARM
2281603Drive Wheel Assembly AMX4/4+ *Exchange Item
46-286973G1Caliper (Drive Wheel) – BASE
46-303780P1Caster Assembly AMX4/4+ *Exchange Item
46-270800G5Hand Switch (exposure) – GENERATOR ASSY.
46-270800G5CHand Switch (with cable) – GENERATOR ASSY.
46-270800L01L01 Hand Switch w/cord & hanger (2 position/no collimator lamp switch)
2188371Hand Switch Cord (4/4+) – GENERATOR ASSY.
2188371-2Hand Switch Cord (Optima 220)
46-270988G1Hand Switch Connector – GENERATOR ASSY.
46-279005P1Hand Switch Hanger (4/4+)
5503500Optima Hand Switch
2174198Column Assembly (4+) *Exchange Item
2174198KColumn Upgrade Kit (S to a W) *Exchange Item..
46-302017P1Lower Brake – COLUMN
46-303362P1Column Lift Tool
46-017216Technic Chart
46-302609P1Brake (Upper Pulley) – COLUMN
2170180Label Large GE LOGO – SIDE PANEL
2170181Label GE Medical Systems – SIDE PANEL
2170182Label GE AMX 4+ – TUBE COVER
2201783AMX4+ Label Kit – TOP COVER
46-270738P2Control Panel Label (4+) – TOP COVER
46-270739P2Blank Panel Label (4+) – TOP COVER
46-270738P2Control Panel Label (4+) – TOP COVER
46-270739P2Blank Panel Label (4+) – TOP COVER
2116236Main Harness – GENERATOR ASSY.
2150956-2Main Cable AMX 4+ – GENERATOR ASSY.
46-279120G1Rotor Cable
2172008HV Cable AMX 4+ (1 each)
46-125224P4Silicone Grease – HV CABLES
H52Spanner Wrench – (HV Cables)
46-302164P2Kick Plate (4+)
46-270746P2Wear Strip 11″ (4+) – BASE
46-270781P2Wear Strip 16.5″ (4+) – KICK PLATE
46-270782P2Wear Strip 28.8″ (4+) – SIDE PANEL
46-270981P3Left Bumper Pad 4+
46-270980P3Right Bumper Pad 4+
46-302808P2Front Bumper Pad 4+
46-270688G1Fan (Battery Charge) – GENERATOR ASSY.
46-270729P3Handle 4+ (blue) – DRAWER
2234673Grounding Cable – BASE…. ..
46-221914P4LED Charge Lamp – GENERATOR ASSY.
46-302966P1Lifting Floor Jack (4/4+)
46-270954G2HV Transformer – GENERATOR ASSY.

Optima Items

5331287-2 Single Board Computer
5770733Optima 12 Battery Set (XR200 XR220 mx/XR240
5503500Optima Exposure Hand Switch
5503500-3Dragonfly Wired Hand Switch w/Strain Relief Coil Cord
5338768Main Auxiliary Box *Exchange Item
5350008Cricket Board *Exchange Item
5363606X-Ray Grid 6:1 Ratio *Exchange Item
5555005-8 or 10Top Cover Assembly *Exchange Item
5129498Superbee Collimator *Exchange Item
5444444-2Cord Reel *Exchange Item
534000-XFlashpad Detector *Exchange Item
5382000Flashpad Battery w/cap
5479352 (5351887)Drive Motor Assembly w/Brake
5761534Collimator Front Panel Kit
5436002Flashpad Interface Board
5504000Drive Handle *Exchange Item
5375925FRU Aux Module 30 kw * Exchange Item
5140761-2DJINN Bipolar HV Tank *Exchange Item
5350000-2Firefly Charger Board *Exchange Item
5328888 (5328889)URPSR Board *Exchange Item
5436008-3 (5436009-3)URP Relay Board *Exchange Item
5311985Mantis Power Supply
(AC/DC Converter) *Exchange Item
5339023 (5339022)Battery Interface Board *Exchange Item
5400481DAP Devie *Exchange Item
5396613Collimator Cable
5506700Horizontal Arm Assembly *Exchange Item
5503010 (5503010-2)High Voltage Cable (Anode, Cathode)
5771417Flashpad HD 3543 *Exchange Item
5192958LVLE Power Supply *Exchange Item

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